WEB 3.0 & NFTs

Vista la costante presenza online del nostro team e all’aggiornamento delle tecnologie ed opportunità che il mondo digitale offre, siamo orgogliosi di poter dare supporto in un ambito ancora sconosciuto a molte aziende e a molti programmatori: il web 3.0.

Se sei arrivato qui e non sai di cosa si tratta, non preoccuparti, presto sarà disponibile una breve guida introduttiva a questo mondo nel nostro Blog.


Se invece sei arrivato qui perché sai già di cosa si tratta ecco i nostri servizi:

Given the constant online presence of our team and the updating of technologies and opportunities that the digital world offers, we are proud to be able to give support in an area still unknown to many companies and many developers: web 3.0.

If you are here and you don't know what it's all about, don't worry, a short introductory guide to this world will soon be available in our Blog.

If instead you are here because you already know what we are talking about, here are our services:


Creation of a smart contract customized according to the needs and indications of the customer, calibrated on the latest standards and optimizations. Including specific requests regarding Whitelists for NFTs or any kind of idea you have.


Creating 1000, 5000, 10000 different images by hand can be very hard, if not impossible. For this reason we are able to generate  automatically, through a code, all these images for you.

And then what? Where to put them? How does IPFS work? We take care of that too.


Realization of a site to allow users to mint with a catchy design, allowing the connection and use of smart wallet such as  metamask, to your personalized contract